Why Do I Run Marathons

Why Do I Run Marathons

Why do I run marathons?  I get asked that questions quite a bit and the answer is both simple and complicated.  Running for me is one of my favorite pastimes and it is how I stay in shape, but you don’t have to run marathons to do that.  There are actually a couple of reasons that I run marathons and I will try and explain them to you.  These are the reasons why I choose to take on the big challenge of running 26 miles with a running workout app.

Getting Fit

Training for a marathon gets me into peak physical condition like nothing else.  You can make your heart stronger, strengthen your muscles and improve your overall health.  Don’t discount the improvements to your mental health either, running helps with stress, makes you feel happier and the “runner’s high” you feel on regular basis is none too shabby either.  Here is a look at what it is like to train for a marathon.

Helping Charities

Sometimes I am lucky enough to combine the challenge of the run with helping a charity at the same time.  If I am running anyway at least I can do some good for those who aren’t as lucky as I am.  It also makes it harder to quit when someone else is relying on you.

It Gets Me Out of my Comfort Zone

We all have fear and insecurity and taking on such a monumental task as training for and running in a marathon can help to overcome these.  I get more confident as I accomplish something new, it helps me feel stronger both mentally and physically.

Meeting New People

There is a really strong running community that works and trains together for marathons.  It is easier to accomplish your goals when working in a group.  We welcome new runners and this is a chance to meet and make friends with people who share the same passion that you do.  If you want to start training then reach out to a local running club, there are others there looking for running partners and you really get to know someone over a 26 mile run.

The Finish

Running marathons is HARD!  But there is nothing more rewarding than crossing that finish line knowing that you did it.  All the sacrifice and hard work has paid off.  If you ask me and others who run marathons they will compare finishing to other milestones in their life like childbirth, and their wedding day.  Even if you finish the race dead last, you still finished it and that puts you in some pretty elite company.