How to Start Running

How to Start Running

If you are thinking about taking up running because you might be a little overweight or you want to get in shape and maybe running can help with that.  You’re right, running can help with all of that.  How to start running, what are you going to need?  Let’s look at how you start running before your feet hit the pavement.

The Shoes

If you think that any old pair of sneakers will do to start running, you would be wrong.  You are going to need either running shoes or cross trainers, tennis or football shoes aren’t going to work.  Running shoes are meant to be lighter while still giving you the right kind of protection.  Hitting the pavement with each stride affects your feet and all of your joints.  The right shoes can mean the difference between being injured or not.

Stretching after each run

Beginners are often tempted to stretch before their run but in fact that can cause injury if you haven’t warmed up yet.  Research has shown that stretching at the end of your run reduces pain and injuries.  It will also help improve your flexibility and prevent the buildup of lactic acid.  Here are some stretches to do after your run.

Pace Yourself

You might have been able to run a 6 minute mile easily in high school it doesn’t mean you can still do it 20 years later.  Pace yourself, if you can’t speak because you are running too hard, then you need to slow down.  If you try and run too far too fast that’s a recipe for an injury and then you won’t be able to run at all.  If you are starting out then do a combination of running and walking.

Pay Attention to Your Body

When you are running should you feel the need to stop and walk for a bit, then do so.  Listening and paying attention to your body will help you maintain a long term running program.  If you push yourself beyond your capabilities then you could end up hurting yourself and giving up.  When you experience pain in your lower back or legs, or your lungs feel like they are about to give out then take a rest.  Once you feel better then you can start running again.

Stay Hydrated

You are going to need to keep hydrated so drink plenty of fluids.  You can drink water or sports drinks that contain vitamins and minerals, staying hydrated will keep your joints supple and lubricated.

To keep with the running analogies it really is a marathon and not sprint.  You want running to become a habit, a lifelong habit that’s going to keep you healthy.