Osprey Verve 9 Women’s Hydration Pack Review

Osprey Packs Women's Verve 3 Hydration Pack

Whether you’re cycling to work during weekdays, or you like to enjoy a day out cycling in the country on the weekends, it’s important that you stay hydrated at all times. For that, hydration packs offer their users an easy way to stay hydrated while on the move.

If you’re in the market for a new hydration pack, then why not consider the Verve Series from Osprey? Here, we offer a full review of the Verve 9 pack, highlighting its main features, as well as the pros and cons that come with using it. Read on to see if this pack could be your new favorite cycling companion.

The Osprey company was born of a desire to create functional, comfortable, and long-lasting packs. With Mike Pfotenhauer leading the way, this company has been doing just that for over 40 years now.

The newer style Verve packs were released in the spring of 2016 and are improved and updated versions of the original Verve packs. This Verve 9 hydration pack features a more streamlined, contemporary design, as well as a front Shove-it pocket for quick access to important items.

Who Is this Product For?

This product is suitable for women of all shapes and sizes who need to stay hydrated while on the move. Although specifically designed with cycling in mind, this is a great pack whether your passion is for running, cycling, hiking, or climbing.

What’s Included?

Included in every purchase are the Osprey backpack and one Hydraulics LT 2.5-liter removable water reservoir. The reservoir will come with all attachments needed, and you should also receive a removable waist strap.

Overview of the Features

Lightweight and Breathable Design

This hydration pack is super lightweight, making it ideal for most sports so that you’re carrying only as much weight as you need to. The design also allows for minimal body contact, which means that it is great in hot weather as it allows air to circulate between the pack and your body.

Great Pockets

There are loads of great pockets in this pack, including three interior sections and four exterior pockets, so this is much more than just a hydration pack. We especially love the scratch-safe compartment for sunglasses, as well as the easy-to-access shoulder pocket for energy snacks.

Removable Water Reservoir

What’s more is that you also get to have one Osprey’s Hydraulics LT 2.5-liter water reservoir. The fact that it’s removable is great because it means that the pack is more versatile as you don’t have to have the water reservoir with you every time you use the bag.

This reservoir is also far superior to others on the market but not only due to its lightweight nature. The reservoir has a contoured back plate and a supported front frame, making it really easy to slide it in and out of the bag even when it’s full of water, and even when you have other items inside your pack.

Magnetic Bite Valve

This hydration pack also has a magnetic bite valve, which attaches to your chest strap and offers quick and easy access to your water supply.

Other Features

This bag is literally packed with features that are ideal for cyclists such as LidLock helmet and blinker light attachments. This makes it quick and easy to attach your helmet to your bag when you’re not wearing it. The blinker attachment is fantastic for when you’re out and about in the dark, ensuring that you’ll be seen on the roads.

Lifetime Guarantee

One of the things we love most about this bag is that Osprey offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their products. If anything goes wrong with the bag, they will repair it free of charge. They call it their “All-Mighty Guarantee”, which covers all Osprey products from 1974 all the way to the present. If they’re not able to repair it, then they’ll replace it without any cost as well.

Great Value for Money

This hydration pack is quite pricey when compared to others on the market, but effectively, when you’re buying an Osprey product, you’re buying a product for life. Hence, this makes this pack an amazing investment that we believe totally justifies the price.

How to Get the Most Out of It

The fact that the water reservoir is removable makes this pack extremely versatile. Therefore, you can use it for sports with the reservoir, or as a normal day pack without. You can also use it to carry your lunch, as well as small everyday items, conveniently and safely.


If the Verve 9 is slightly bigger than you hoped it would be and you just want a pack for hydration, then look no further than the Osprey Verve 3 Hydration Pack. The water reservoir is the same as the Verve 9, which holds 2.5 liters of water and includes a magnetic bite valve, which allows really easy and fast access to your water.

The Verve 3 pack is completely scaled down to stash your water, keys, and energy snacks, and not much else. It still has, however, most of the same great features, such as the LidLock and blinker light attachments. It also comes with the Osprey “All-Mighty Guarantee”, offering lifetime repairs and replacement in case a problem arises, such as a faulty zipper.


We think that the Osprey Verve 9 Hydration Pack is the better pack as it is so much more versatile. Both bags benefit from the fantastic lifetime guarantee offered by the Osprey brand, and both carry the same amount of water, but if you’re out for an entire day of adventuring, then the Verve 9 will let you carry lunch, a book, and your sunglasses with you as well.

Unless every ounce of weight counts to you, then we think the Osprey Verve 9 is a superior choice when it comes to hydration backpacks.