Triwonder Hydration Pack Review

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Hydration packs have one function, and that’s to hold water while you’re doing an activity. However, the Triwonder Hydration Pack comes with extra perks that make it stand out amongst others.

It features built-in storage pockets which are designed to hold onto all of your essentials. The bag itself is made to be durable, waterproof, and mold to your body.

Who Is This Product For?

For those wanting a more effective method for carrying their drink around with them, then this hydration pack will work. When you’re on the go and continually moving it can be hard to put down what you’re doing and grab a drink. Climbing, hiking, and sports that require constant movement and concentration are where this product will shine.

What’s included?

The package itself includes the Triwonder Hydration Pack which comes in the dimensions of 17.3 x 7.9 x 2 inches. However, some options only include the vest while others include a two-liter TPO bladder or two water bottles in combination with the vest. You can select from three different colors including rose red, blue, and grey.

Overview of Features

Here are the things you would expect from the Triwonder Hydration Pack:

Breathable and Adjustable

The pack is made from a lightweight mesh fabric which promotes airflow and ventilation. The shoulder pads are there for added support, comfort, and to help keep the pack breathable. The adjustable straps make it a perfect fit for many body sizes.

Located on the back of the pack is a zipper which is rust resistant and durable. It helps to keep your possessions safe while you’re running, ensuring that they won’t slip out.

Lightweight Design

This hydration pack has a full build but comes with breathable mesh that helps evenly distribute weight and reduce the amount of tension in your shoulders. Support is something that hikers tend to forget, as it’s easy to look at other features instead. If you’re doing an activity that lasts more than an hour, always make sure the hydration pack is lightweight and comfortable.

Superior Storage

Storage is also another beneficial feature with this product. Many hydration packs don’t include any method to store your phone, wallet, or keys. To be fair, that doesn’t make much sense, primarily if you can reduce the amount you’re carrying and double the hydration pack as a mini bag.

The main compartment is big enough to let you store snacks, bottles, and cards. The second pocket can fit smaller trinkets such as money, loose change, and keys. Lastly, the kettle compartment is just the right size to hold a water bottle or your phone.

Water Bottle and Water Bladder Specifications

This product is available in different versions such as vest only, vest with two water bottles, and vest with a 2l TPU water bladder. All of the materials used to craft the bladder and bottles are 100% BPA-free and don’t contain any other toxic substances. They are odorless, eco-friendly, and feature fully recyclable ingredients.

The pack is easy to clean and enable you a big enough space to use brushes to keep plaque from building up. Each bottle is insulated, which allows you to carry warm or cold beverages.

How to Use

Think of the Triwonder Hydration Pack as your multi-functioning bag and water bottle. Rinse the pack out before using and then place water into the bladder or water bottle.

From there, store any snacks, accessories, phones, etc. into the pockets. Use the adjustable straps to tighten it to your torso and then you’re ready for your day.


The Triwonder brand creates many hydration packs, each designed for different activities. While the one we just mentioned is an excellent pick, it’s mainly used for short activities that last less than a few hours. However, if you’re running a marathon, then you may want to make the switch and upgrade to the Triwonder 8L Hydration Pack Backpack.

This includes a bigger size that not only houses more storage but also includes up to two more liters of water. Similarly, there are no harmful toxins used or BPA in this product.

All of the materials used are FDA approved and odorless. The design is similar to the other Triwonder, except this one features a larger capacity.


As you can see, there are multiple Triwonder Hydration Packs on the market. Being active is a crucial part of life and having the correct gear can get you motivated to get up and move.

Activities like short-distance climbing, hiking, and cycling can be an excellent way to challenge yourself and bring your goals to new heights. Combine this with the well-fitted hydration pack made with eco-friendly materials and a comfortable build Triwonder 5.5L Hydration Pack, and you’re set!